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What Parents Are Saying about Lady Bug Daycare in Toronto

At Lady Bug Daycare in Etobicoke we are always happy to hear from parents. We hope you take a moment or two to browse some of the feedback we have received. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to leave your own comments.


Dedicated Teachers

“We really appreciate your kindness, patience and understanding. The children of Lady Bug are lucky to have such dedicated teachers.”

– Catherine B.


A Wonderful Program and Very Caring Employees

"Dear Ms. L, We wanted to let you know how happy we are with Lady Bug Daycare. Porter enjoys every day he spends with you and all the teachers. You really have a wonderful program and very caring employees. We are very lucky to have found you. Words cannot describe the memories Porter has built over the years at Lady Bug. We have valued and cherished all the precious moments we have had. Your staff are caring and wonderful people. You are a one of a kind person, flexible, loving and so dedicated to the children. Also, the concert was well done. The children had so much fun and worked so hard to perform. Thanks to all the hard work and patience from the teachers. It was a huge success."

– Roger, Julie, Porter & Claire

Excellent Care

"Dear Ms. L, It's hard for me to believe my children will no longer be going to Lady Bug Daycare. I want to sincerely thank you and your staff for taking excellent care of Owen and Ava during their time with you. Your staff has always been kind and patient and I'm so grateful that you and they have been a part of our children's lives. Thank you!"

– Mark & Catherine B.


Thank You for Helping Anna Grow

"Thank you all for being Anna's teachers. Thank you all for holding Anna's little hands and making sure she was safe from all harm. Thank you all for wiping Anna's tears from the eyes when she was hurt. Thank you all for encouraging Anna when she was shy. Thank you all for keeping Anna warm and staying with her on stormy winter days. Thank you all for giving Anna the tools to explore and letting her dance with wind and jumping on grass. Thank you all for letting Anna become an artist, a builder, a writer, a story teller, and the most important, a lovely girl. In a word Thank you very much. Thank you for helping Anna grow. There is no job more important than yours."

– Anna's Mom & Dad

So Grateful for Your Help

"To Ms. L and all the Ladybug Staff, Thank you so much for all of your hard work with Maxwell. You have helped him to become the lovely little boy that he is and I am so grateful for your help. He will miss Ladybug, and he will visit soon. Lots of love and all the best for the future!"

– Rosie


We Feel Blessed

"Dear Ms. L, I sat last night trying to put into words my gratitude and appreciation for the loving environment that you and your staff have provided for Karley and nothing can express how special I feel you all are. We feel very blessed to have found and attended Ladybug. So please do not allow a few bad apples to spoil “the good” that you and your staff are doing for these wonderful little minds that we all bring to you every morning. Take care and thank you again."

– Karley, Kelly & Adelio N.

A Great Daycare Provider

"Dear Ms. L and Team, On behalf of Finlay and the rest of his family we'd like to say a very big thank you for all your support and care over the last many years. Both Stella and Finlay were very lucky to have such a great daycare provider to help them get off to a terrific start in life. Finlay is going to miss you all (so will we) but we'll be sure to pop by to say hello occasionally."

– Michele, Patrick, Stella & Finlay

Wonderful Program, Employees

“You really have a wonderful program and very caring employees. We are very lucky to have found you!”

– Roger & Julie

Nathan and Isabel Have Loved Their Time at Lady Bug

"Dear Ms. L and all the staff at Lady Bug, This is both a sad and happy day for us. Our children Nathan and Isabel have been with you since 2010. You have loved them, kissed their boo-boos, encouraged them, taught them their ABCs, how to print and how to share. You have ALL been an integral part of their and our lives. Nathan and Isabel have loved their time at Lady Bug. It is sad that this chapter of their lives has ended. However, because of your care and love, our children are well-adjusted and ready for their next chapters of grade school and kindergarten. You have ALL made them confident, curious, and excited for the future. Thank you for everything."

– Kelly, Neville, Nathan & Isabel

Wonderful Care

"Ms. L and Staff, I want to thank you for accepting William into the daycare with such short notice. I am truly grateful to you all, in the wonderful care you have provided. Everyone has been so patient with William (+ his crying). Despite the tears, I know William enjoyed his time at Ladybug. He will miss you all. Thanks again!"

– Shannon & William

I Love How Organized Everything Is

"Dear Ms. L, We are very happy with the program at Ladybug. I love how organized everything is. We really appreciate everyone's hard work in organizing the concert. It was great! Brooke and Jack are very happy at Lady Bug and they are learning lots! I have been really happy with the care Brooke and Jack have received at Lady Bug over the years. Lady Bug is a very special daycare that is unique to other places. You put a lot of care and generosity into making Lady Bug the great place it is. The teachers do a great job and are very kind. We will all be sad to leave Lady Bug. Thank you for everything!"

– Lisa E.

Our Gratitude is Everlasting

"For all the lovely women at Lady Bug Daycare, you are truly an inspiration. Each of you has a beautiful soul. I am (we are) so lucky to have you bless Anthony with your spirits. Our gratitude is everlasting."

– Tanya & Anthony

A Caring Environment

"Lady Bug Staff, We just wanted to thank you very much for providing a caring child minding environment for Nicholas and other children. It gave us peace of mind to know he was well taken care of. Nicholas of course is very special to us, his parents, but it was nice to know that you thought he was special too! We also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the important role child care centres play in shaping the minds of the precious ones in their midst."

– The P's


All the Teachers Are Great

"Miss L and all Lady Bug Teachers, Thank you for all your work for the children. Gavin is so happy at Lady Bug and all the teachers are great with him. We want you all to know how grateful we are for all your dedication and caring for Gavin and Leah. We see the positive impact everyone has had on our children."

– Rick, Sheryl, Gavin, & Leah B.

Thank You

“Words cannot express the amount of joy, comfort, happiness and love. We thank you from the deepest part of our hearts.

– Nelson & Nickie M.

Thank You for All the Hard Work, Patience and Dedication

"Ms. L and the entire Ladybug team, Today is Matthew's last day at LadyBug. On behalf of Matthew and our own we would like to thank you for all the hard work, patience and dedication put into looking after or son and contributing to his development. Lady Bug Daycare is truly a unique place that we will never forget. It has been our pleasure having all of you as his caregivers. He has really enjoyed the time spent here and learned so much. We will truly miss Lady Bug and hope our life paths will cross again."

– Monika, B.


Safe and Secure

"Dear Lady Bug, I am not sure that there is a way to express my gratitude to you ALL! Over the past few years you have each provided a loving “home” for Christian and made him feel safe and secure. It has been a most wonderful experience for him (challenging at times for you all) and he/we will miss Lady Bug tremendously."

– Rosie & Christian

I Wish He Could Stay Forever

"Dear Ms. L, It is with great sadness that James ends his time at Lady Bug. You are truly a wonderful angel and James loves you dearly. Thank you for this wonderful loving two years. You have helped create a very organized, happy, loving child. You do wonderful work and he will truly miss Lady Bug. I wish he could stay forever. You do a wonderful job with the staff here, James loved them all. There was never a negative word about anyone for 2 years. You are truly angels."

– James & Family


Tireless Efforts

"Lady Bug Staff, Thank you for your patience and kindness towards Jacob. He has grown so much in the past year. Thanks for the many late nights, special hugs and tireless efforts you and your staff put in every day."

– Jacob M. & Family

Always Welcoming

"To the wonderful, beautiful teachers at Lady Bug, just a little hello and goodbye to the wonderful staff at Lady Bug! I cannot express in words my appreciation for all your hard work and kindness over the years with our boys. You have all been so patient and kind with our children and will all be missed greatly. Thank you for taking good care of Julian and always welcoming me and Marcus every day."

– Tanya, Dave, Daniel, Julian & Marcus

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