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Lady Bug Daycare

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Daycare Programs in Etobicoke

The goal of the programs at Lady Bug Daycare in Toronto is to provide a safe and healthy environment that allows the child to develop a positive self-image. Lady Bug Daycare Centre provides a variety of age-appropriate activities, which are posted on the program plans in the classrooms.


The  daily program  provides a balance of quiet and active play; indoor and outdoor activities; individual and group time; teacher-directed and child-initiated experiences; along with transition periods.


Routines  play a large part of the daily schedule. The following routines foster your child’s independence: eating, toileting (diapering), dressing, resting.


Programs Available

Full-Day Programs                                               

1. Toddler (18 months to 2 and half years)       $64/day

2. Pre-schooler (2 and half to 5 years)               $60/day

3. Part-Time (Less than 5 days a week)              $64/day


Full-Day Program

The Full-Day programs run from 8:00am to 5:30pm. The fee includes morning breakfast, hot lunch, and afternoon snack. 


Part-Time Program

Part-time means the child will attend Lady Bug less than 5 days a week from 8:00am and 5:30pm. The fee includes morning breakfast, hot lunch, and afternoon snack.


Summer Program Available for the Months of  July and August 2023
Call Us for more Details at 416 626 1251

Weekly Themes

Each week, a new and exciting “theme” for children to focus on is worked into the curriculum. Arts and crafts activities, printing, journal, games and toys, dramatic play, an introduction to math, outdoor activities, reading/story time, printing program, science and educational videos, music, books, puzzles, blocks, dancing, musical instruments are part of our daily activities based on a weekly theme, plus music lessons.


Nutritious Meals and Snacks

Lady Bug Daycare provides a nutritious hot lunch (created by Boaden’s & Organic Kids Catering) and two nutritious snacks. Special dietary restrictions for medical or religious reasons will always be observed. With sufficient notice, the centre will try to accommodate requests for special diets. Parents may be required to provide the necessary foods.


Parents’ Participation in Activities

Parents and staff are encouraged to work together to ensure both parties share similar expectations from the program. Although it is not required that parents participate in the program, from time to time they are encouraged to attend parent-teacher meetings, Christmas Concerts, field trips, special days and so on. Children can benefit from the rich opportunities and experiences that community and neighbourhood outings can provide. For example: tour the local grocery store, visit the Eatonville Library, the Fire Station on Burnhamthorpe/Kipling, etc. Parents will be notified in advanced of such community walks and outings. On these short trips, parents are encouraged to participate.


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